mandag 1. august 2011

Cross stitched OWL

Made this adorable little owl from

I haven't added any outlines to the image....yet.......

søndag 31. juli 2011

First Pixel Cross Stitch

My first try at making a cross stitch pattern in pixel format, made from a pattern found at and the instructions for doing it I found at Sandra's Pink Rose

lørdag 30. juli 2011

Wouter's Mitred Corner Tutorial

Wouter's Mitred Corner tutorial this one thought me how to make a frame with some very nice looking corners

Here's the finished image when following the tutorial, I added a gradient fill and added Wouter Redoute texture to the background just before Merging everything at the end.

Another one using a picture I've taken myself, this is going to be handed in with a knitted dishcloth for a class in the Housecup on Ravelry, which this month has to do with fairytales

Wouter's Rhododendron Card Tutorial

Another one of Wouter's tutorials (he has a lot of great ones... planning on doing them all). This one is for making a Rhododendron card. And here's the one i made following the tutorial:

And here's one I made using the same tutorial and his gold fill, but the picture is one I've taken myself of one of my Azalea (in the Rhododendron family)

Wouter's Redoute Tutorial

Just tried Wouter's Redoute Tutorial, great tutorial with easy to follow instructions

Here's a photo of the finished graphic following everything in the tutorial:

 And here is one I made using the temple image that comes with Photoimpact X3, otherwise I used the instructions in the tutorial with the exception of obmitting the butterflies for this one ;-)

fredag 29. juli 2011

The humble beginnings

I just bought Photoimpact X3, have previously used Photoimpact but that was years ago!

Thinking of joining the Beginners Workshop to get reintroduced to all the things I can do with the program.

I'm also trying out Paintshop Pro X3, I like how you can edit photoes with it, but currently getting aggraveted when I try to make graphics with it.